Birthday Party Options in Yuma: Peter Piper Pizza

Walk into Peter Piper Pizza and the first thing you realize is: you can fit a lot of kids in here!  This place has a large eating space with tables that will fit your entire baseball team or second grade class.  But that doesn’t mean they’re only about eating.  They’ve got something for just about everyone.


There’s the separate arcade room, with air hockey, skee ball, and video games – and of course the ticket redemption counter filled with goodies!  For the little ones, there is a carousel that is outside the arcade where you can watch them.


For a birthday party that’s pre-booked online, you can expect a great time!  The pizza, of course, is one of the main attractions.  (There are plenty of other food options if you are forced to deny yourself the pizza.)  There’s place settings, balloons, and invitations, and one of the employees will be your party host.  Every child gets free game tokens for the arcade.  The birthday child is treated special: s/he gets more tokens, a T-shirt that can be autographed, and a build-your-own pizza.


(Please note: all this is available only with a pre-booked party.  You can walk in and have your party without prior reservations, space permitting, but you’ll have to purchase the food and tokens yourself.  Full details are available at


There are a series of four-seat booths against one wall that is slightly separated from the main area.  If you’re looking for a reasonably private party, that’s about as close as you’re going to get.  Pre-booking the party will reserve your table space, but you may still be surrounded by other people.  There’s also flat-screen TVs around the room, which may prove either an annoying or a welcoming distraction to the chaos.


The cost of a pre-booked party can be reasonable; Peter Piper Pizza advertises $9.99 per person, but also offers a $7.99 per person package.  (See the store for full details on what is offered with each package; taxes are not included.)


The Bottom Line:  Peter Piper Pizza can be a great place to throw an affordable party for a large group of kids.


If you have opinions about or experiences with Peter Piper Pizza, use the Comments feature below to share them with us.


*** The Magician’s View:

Doing a full magic show at Peter Piper Pizza could be difficult.  Depending on where the party is seated, there’s very limited room for me to set up.  And the distractions of the arcade sounds, the TVs, and other kids running around would make it hard for anyone, especially a child, to focus on the magic.  A better magical option would be setting the kids in the booths against the wall with the magician going table-to-table while the kids are eating, presenting smaller mini-shows for each group.  Normally a magic show ends with The Big Trick; in this case, we could start with something big that stars the birthday child, then do the table-hopping.



“Mister Ed” Millis amazes kids and adults alike with his family Friendly Magical Mayhem shows all over Yuma, AZ, and the surrounding county.  You can see him at birthday parties, schools, and libraries, and he just might pop up in other places too! Visit his website at or email him directly at


Just the details:

(NOTE: Applies only to pre-booked parties.)

Limit to the number of children?No limit
Cost per child?$7.99 / $9.99
How long?No limit
Private room?No
Age range?Any
Outside or Inside?Inside
Does each child take home something?Not necessarily
Is the birthday child made special?Yes
Are there food options on site?Yes
Is there cold storage for your cake and ice cream?No
Are the employees involved with --
-- Party set-up?Yes
-- Leading any activities?No
-- Cleaning up?Yes
How many other adults need to attend?At least one for every 10 children
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